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Welcome to Chris Linkage, where we connect passionate educators with part-time teaching and tuition opportunities. Whether you're an experienced teacher seeking additional income or a subject expert looking to share your knowledge, we are here to help. Our platform serves as a bridge between educators and students, providing a platform to connect and learn. Join us today and unlock a world of teaching possibilities.

Find Rewarding Part-Time Teaching Jobs

Are you a certified teacher or an education professional seeking flexible work options? Our platform offers a diverse range of part-time teaching opportunities. Here's why you should choose us:

Varied Subjects and Grade Levels

Our platform collaborates with educational institutions and tutoring centers across a wide range of subjects and grade levels. Whether you specialize in elementary education, high school math, language arts, science, or any other subject, we have the perfect teaching job for you.

Flexibility to Fit Your Schedule

We understand that part-time teaching requires flexibility. Our platform allows you to find teaching jobs with flexible schedules, enabling you to balance your work commitments with personal and professional responsibilities.

Supportive Community

Join our platform and become part of a supportive community of educators. Share ideas, collaborate with fellow teachers, and access professional development resources to enhance your teaching skills.

Share Your Knowledge as a Tutor/Coach

If you have a passion for teaching and mentoring students one-on-one, our tuition services provide a platform for you to make a difference. Here's what sets us apart

Customized Tutoring Experience

Our platform connects you with students seeking individualized attention and support. Tailor your teaching approach to meet each student's unique needs, helping them achieve academic success.

Diverse Subjects and Levels

Whether you specialize in math, science, languages, test preparation, or any other subject, our platform caters to a wide range of tutoring needs. Help students excel in their studies while fostering a love for learning.

Flexible Tutoring Options

We understand that scheduling can be a challenge for part-time tutors. Our platform offers flexibility, allowing you to set your availability and choose between in-person or online tutoring sessions based on your preferences.

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